Name and Gender Change

For the transgender person, it can mean many things. Students will be called by their new name at school verbally and in documents, such as, report cards. For someone looking for work, it may mean the difference between getting a job or being turned down.


The first thing you need to do if you are changing your name is to download the form, either from here or Service Ontario. If you are an adult, 18 and over, you will need the Application to Change an Adult's Name.

If you are a parent wishing to change your child's name, they must be 17 or under. You may download the Application to Change a Child's Name

"Each adult who has legal custody of the child must give permission to change the name. If you have any court orders or written legal agreements (e.g. a separation agreement) that show details of custody and or access to the child, you must send all original or court certified copies of court orders or agreements." From Service Ontario website November 2, 2018

Cost per name change is $137 as at November 2, 2018.

If the child's name is changed along with the parent's name, the cost is $22.

You will receive a Change of Name Certificate and a Birth Certificate with the new name.

Once you have your new documents, you can change names on Health Cards and Driver's Licenses. However, If you are going to change your gender marker, I would suggest doing that before changing these documents.

Click here to obtain information and forms to change your gender marker on your birth certificate. It explains what you will need to make the change:

Once you have your new birth registration and birth certificate, you can change your health card and driver’s licence.

Our family found that the easiest way to obtain a new SIN was to go in person to a Service Canada site with all of your new documents, including Change of Name Certificate, Birth Registration and Birth Certificates. You no longer receive a card. Instead, you will receive a printout with the new information.


In order to receive a passport with the changes you have made, you need to apply for a new passport.

Click here for information and forms to obtain a new passport for your child:

Click here for information and forms to obtain a new passport for an adult:

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